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Updated 14 June 2020

Secret Amazon Tips to get a Bigger Discount at Checkout

Don't miss out on Amazon's biggest savings right under your nose

It’s the biggest e-commerce retailer in the world, which means you’ll be forgiven for getting lost in the pages and not getting the biggest possible discount. If you’re not a seasoned Amazon pro yet, you’re probably missing discounts right and left on both things you already buy and things you would have bought if you only knew how cheap it was!

In this post, let’s look at some of the lesser-known tips that will get you a big discount at Amazon checkout:

Apply For Amazon Cards

The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa gives you $70 back instantly and up to 5% back on every single transaction that you make. That 5% back is more than most credit cards give you on most categories and gives you a lovely discount every time you run through the online checkout.

The Store Card also earns 5% back on purchases as long as the cardholder has a prime membership. You can get the Store Card in addition to the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa, which means that the signup bonuses will stack. When you get the Store Card, you’ll also get a $100 Gift Card.

Amazon Subscriptions

If you’re a Prime member, you can browse the Amazon Family section for subscriptions off of a variety of household, baby, and children’s products. If you sign up for at least 5 of the subscriptions, you’ll get more than just essential products delivered to your door every month—you’ll get 20% back on the whole bundle.

Amazon also offers subscriptions beyond the Family section, in the Subscribe and Save section. If you’re a pet owner or simply a person who does laundry (we’re really making the categories as broad as possible here), you can get extra savings on subscriptions when you ship 5 or more products. There are thousands of possible products, and you can choose a delivery frequency that makes sense for your lifestyle. That way if you’re doing laundry what feels like every single day, you can get that detergent delivered as often as you need it.

Discounts on Amazon Prime

You might know that students can get Amazon Prime free for 6 months before paying only $49 a year for it. But there are other ways to get a cheaper Amazon Prime membership. If you have EBT or Medicaid, you’re actually eligible to join Prime for only $6 a month instead of $13 a month

Food Savings through Prime Pantry

If you’re willing to buy a bunch of stuff from Amazon at the same time, they’re usually willing to give you a discount on everything. Prime Pantry is the grocery and household good delivery service that saves you a trip to the store each week. If you add 5 items you’ll save 5% on the whole order. A nice touch, but if you toss 15 items into your cart, you’ll save a nice 15% off the entire order.

Digital Coupons

Yep, there are coupons for You may barely remember a time where there were paper coupons to cut out and take sheepishly to the cash register. On, the joy of couponing lives on with the coupons page. You’ll find small discounts on a variety of products that everyone else is paying full price for.

To see what coupons might be available, check the coupons page where you can see the most popular coupons of the day, search by category, and even search by brand.

Free Stuff

Yes, there’s free stuff on too through the Amazon Giveaways program. It lets people give away products to raise awareness for causes. There’s an email that will alert you about the free stuff that goes up, or you can check the Amazon Giveaways page. Sometimes you can get the product for free and sometimes it’s just a great discount.

Sales on

Bargain Bin

In department stores, the bargain bin is the last chance section where products get marked down significantly. It’s usually stuff that hasn’t sold and is now taking up more space than it is worth, so the store is selling low just to break even on the merchandise. Well, Amazon also has major stockhouses with products taking up really valuable space—and sometimes they need to clear out some products from those spaces.

Enter the Amazon Bargain Bin. It’s a section of Amazon’s website where they sell last chance items for 50% off. If you’re browsing Amazon with no clear goal in mind, it’s a great place to go to score cheaper electronics, toys, music, and household items before they’re gone forever.

Deals Page

The Bargain Bin is different from the deals page, which offers discounts for a limited time on products. There’s also a lightning deals section and a deals newsletter that keep you up to date on the cheapest products of the day. Just like the Bargain Bin, it’s a great spot to score major sales on Amazon items. You just have to be willing to buy before the clock runs out!

Amazon Outlets

A different way to save than the first two options, Outlet is all about overstock deals and markdowns from the other sections. They put all their deals in one place to make it easy for you to find the cheapest products. The section is updated daily, and contains categories like electronics, vinyls, sports, health, outdoors, home and furniture, kitchen, and more. If you like browsing for deals, save this page to your bookmarks bar.

Warehouse Deals

Let’s continue our descent into the dustier savings corners of Amazon Warehouse Deals is a page that offers deals on damaged, returned, used, and refurbished items that you can now purchase. Items are graded based on their condition, but there are huge discounts on otherwise working products that are now open box or used. Furthermore, it’s still in the warehouse, so you’ll be able to snag Prime and free shipping on many of the available products.

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