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Updated 06 August 2021

Enter A Post-COVID Business World With ThePowerMBA

The world of work is changing rapidly as the planet begins the recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The world of work is changing rapidly as the planet begins the recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. And for any astute person looking to either take their own business to the next level, or re-invent their career, then now is the perfect time to consider upgrading your skills to ensure you’re as successful as you can be.

Traditional options for business studies are either time-consuming or financially prohibitive, often both. If you already have your own company, or you’re trying to get going in the world of work, finding the cash or the hours to complete a degree just isn’t realistic. You’ve likely got too much to balance as it is, without adding more into the mix.

Bitesize Education

It’s this gap for bitesize, consumable, and quality educational content that ThePowerMBA hopes to fill. It’s a service that offers over 250 online classes that cover all aspects of a business MBA, ensuring that all who enrol – from complete novices to existing CEOs – will find plenty of knowledge to help them develop their careers and their companies even further.

You can’t access everything immediately – that’s more likely to make you burn through them too quickly, and then start skipping the ones you feel aren’t relevant. Instead, you’ll receive one class into your inbox each day, and they’re all no longer than 15 minutes – perfect as a way to start your day, or for that lunch break you know you should afford yourself but you never do.

Topics covered in ThePowerMBA include business strategy, core finance skills and subjects, entrepreneurship and leadership, digital marketing modules, how to manage an organization, making the most of talent and more. While ThePowerMBA doesn’t have official accreditation, you will still undertake tests at the end of each module in order to earn a certificate.

Low Cost Learning

Studying a full-time MBA would cost you tens of thousands of dollars, but that’s not the case with ThePowerMBA. You can save a huge sum and get all the benefits when you buy the course for just $1,000. You don’t have to pay it all upfront either, if you prefer to spread the cost over monthly instalments.

That grand gets you every video and all the downloadable resources that come with the lessons, as well as the opportunity to network digitally on the support forums and with the alumni community. You also get access to a dedicated job board, so if you are just starting out, you can complete the course and find a new position with people who will recognize your new skillset.

There aren’t many coupons or promo codes available online for ThePowerMBA, but it’s already a great deal. If you want the latest savings, make sure to keep checking back at SaveYou for the best coupons and codes.

Enrolment isn’t always open, so if it is now, don’t miss your opportunity to join a huge online learning community with our SaveYou link. It’s your opportunity to take this changing world and change your career with it – whether it’s a germ of a business idea that you want to nurture, or a business you just want to streamline and push forward, ThePowerMBA can help you achieve your business goals.

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