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Updated 14 June 2020

Top 5 Secret eBay Tips to Getting the Best Bargain

If you’re looking to save some money on the things you love the most, here are the top 5 ways to getting the best bang for your buck on eBay.

You see it and you want it: that Tiffany’s silver bracelet you’ve been eyeing for weeks. Just like everyone else, you go to the Search bar and type of Tiffany silver bracelet and begin browsing sellers and what they have for listings. The only downfall to this is there are typically bidding wars that take place because everyone is looking for the same thing. You’re looking in the same place everyone else is.

Instead, consider looking for items using misspelled words. This can bring up the same item at a cheaper cost as nobody is looking for items this way. There is an eBay type generator you can use to help you with finding these items that can be listed with little to no bids at all. Finding items on eBay can be a gold mine, and here are some of the top 5 methods for finding these gems!

Search Items at Night

Another way to cut back on the competition you might be coming across is to consider shopping at night. eBay is available 24/7 so why not take advantage of shopping at night while the rest of the world is sleeping? Because eBay is available globally, while some parts of the world are sleeping, it’s still daylight for you.

You can take advantage of time zones and filter out results to “ending soonest” allowing you to place a last-minute bid while your competition is sleeping. You can check these deals out during business hours as long as the boss doesn’t catch you.

Buy from Low Rating Sellers

The more stars sellers have the better their reputation is. While it’s important to shop with reputable sellers, you can also take advantage of sellers with fewer ratings. Every seller has to start somewhere though, and this is where many people fail to look. Any seller who has a rating level of 10-49 has a yellow star and that changes to blue once they hit 50. Going blue is huge to sellers, too.

The more stars a seller has the more confidence buyers have buying from them. However, going to lower rating sellers can get you better deals on items you may be looking for. These sellers are more apt to meeting your needs and fulfilling certain requests that the higher rated sellers may not be so easy to do. Just make sure you are polite.

Also, the more you stick with a lower rated seller, the more perks and benefits you will get from them as they strive to get more ratings on eBay.

Check Prizes on Amazon

You might be shocked to know that some eBay sellers will sell on Amazon as well. If you can find the same items on Amazon that you are interested in on eBay, consider copying the URL and sending it to the seller on eBay and see if they will match the price including shipping. Make sure that the item with shipping is in fact lower by more than a few mere pennies. Some sellers will honor this while some may not.

This is a great strategy to follow as sellers can tell you’re ready to buy their item rather than just browsing. Not many sellers can resist turning down a sale. Even if some sellers can’t match the price to the penny, they may be willing to drop their price a few dollars or offer free shipping which can be high up there in itself.

Negotiate on Shipping

When it comes to lowering prices, it’s easier for sellers to lower shipping cost than the actual price of the item. If you are planning on buying several items from a seller, they can ship everything in one box, so you aren’t paying shipping for each individual item. This can help reduce costs surely.

Secondly, if you can wait a few extra days on receiving your items, consider asking for cheaper shipping. Some sellers ship their items out with Priority shipping. If you bought CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes or other media items, consider asking for media shipping which the USPS happily offers. Parcel post can be used for lighter and larger items as well.

Unless you’ve done business with the seller before, always make sure you are given tracking information. While not having it could save money, if you don’t and things don’t go as planned this could be a big hassle and headache for everyone involved.

Use Those Coupon Codes

Many people are signed up for the eBay Bucks program, yet they forget to use them! These eBay Bucks are issued every quarter so it can be easy to forget, yet these can add up rather fast if you are a frequent shopper on eBay. Also, these codes are not automatically applied to y our purchase at times.

Before you decide to check out, see if you have any codes available to apply to your final purchase price. You can check this by going to the “My eBay” section and copying the code and applying it at checkout. Make sure you don’t have any other gift certificate balances left or other promotional credits to take advantage of.

You can also check the “From eBay” area and the drop-down menu “My eBay” to see if there are any credits from eBay there.

eBay can be a gold mine for buyers looking for a great deal on certain items. Make sure you take the time to do some looking around to ensure you get the best price possible. Resist bidding too early as you might lose your item. Sometimes people get crazy because they want an item and then the price goes up further than they would like to pay.

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